Friday, September 21, 2012

iPhone 5 Madness

Good morning, today is the day of iPhone 5 and the madness that follows it. Just as I did in march when I published the report about new iPad launch event thanks to Camerapixo, I woke up earlier so I can be at the apple store around 7:45, giving me a few minutes before the 8am opening. Just to give you an idea of amount of people I took this picture using iPhone panorama mode.

What happened next was pure madness, I really thought that the event back in march was crazy, but today was far worth. There were 10 times more apple employees creating hype and cheering, there were every possible TV station, radio station and all kinds of other reporters on site.

At 8am on the dot Apple employees started that 10-1 count down, like it was new years eve and we are on time square watching the ball drop, simply amazing the amount of hype apple can generate. At the end of the count down the doors opened and the people who camped there for a week prior were taken into the store like some kind of VIPs.

There were more apple employees downstairs waiting to greet those people and applaud them.

Now the rest of the line started moving, the cheering continues, everyone is supper happy to spend 200-500 dollars to get their new toy.

Overall it is amazing that every time a new iPhone comes out, that this happens, and while this is all fun, it is also sad that this creates so much news. I mean TV stations, radio stations, police, all kinds of other security, you would think something important happened or someone died or something. Technology controls our life more then we realize, I love technology, I am geek myself but this is beyond my understanding, but I guess to each it's own right? I will leave you with this last picture of the line going all the way down to Lexington Ave. and then some more.

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Out with the Old, in with a New

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After my photowalk with Trey, I have been more and more interested in HDR photography and have taken some nice shot of New York City using 5 bracketed shots with 1ev spacing and later merging them on the computer. 
Here are the shots :

The summer is officially over and we are in September, but with fall comes fantastic photo opportunities so stay tuned for some fall colors soon.
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