Monday, June 25, 2012

To see or not To see, that is the Question

A little Shakespeare in today's title, but something I observed of myself today that I wanted to share. I took a shot today of something I see everyday, but until today I did not see it. I stand on that subway stop every morning in the same spot, maybe I am just not awake or my mind is elsewhere, but until today it did not click. The more pictures I take the more things I see, I think that is the explanation for this photo. Take you camera or your mobile phone with you everywhere, as you never know what your mind may see at any given moment, that you will want to capture.

Thank you for reading

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Book!

Good day to all, in my previous post I mentioned about working on the book and it is coming along nicely. The book will consist of 3 chapters, and it will be about 50 pages give or take a few depending on the images I decide to put in there, each page of the book will also have a quote about photography. I will announce the book here on my blog, followed by Google + and twitter, so please follow me if you want to stay updated on the release. Book will be available in both hard cover for your coffee table or office and as an eBook for you mobile device/reader.

Thank you again fro reading and as the image above illustrates i now need some coffee :)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Changes & Thoughts

I decided to change the Title of the blog, I think it better reflect my thoughts on photography and where I am going as a photographer. As I think about it, I realize that what interested me in street photography and photography in general is that a a photo can convey so many messages, it can tell story of someones life, it can open up your imagination. Once you see that photo that will move you, that speaks to you, then you will understand why I changed the title.

My next project will be a photo book of New York and the people in it. Yes there are plenty out there already, but I promise you it will be different than others. I am still working on the material that will go into the book, but I am hoping it will be ready towards the end of the summer.
As always thank you for reading and your comments.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Photowalk with Iesha & John

Back Story, Iesha found me via my blog and contacted me saying she will be on vacation in NY this week and asked if i had some time for a photowalk. I was happy to make some time, I always enjoy meeting new people who are like minded and love photography, we met today in midtown and took a train to Union Square. There are always plenty of weird and fun people and  things to shoot in that area. 
We walked around the area for about an hour as we were waiting for one more person to join us. 
Here is a picture of Iesha.
John sent us a text at around 5pm and we went back to Union Square to meet with him and continue our photowalk. We took Broadway down toward China Town, talking and doing some shooting on the way. During our walk we run into another photographer his name is Rameen, he was showing his work, lots of great jazz picture and a few others, i will provide a link to his work later.
Once we got to China Town I had to take the train home as it was getting late, and i needed to go home so i can spend some time with my kids and family. This was a fun afternoon walking around New York, meeting new people and photographing New York City and its people.

Iesha can be found on her blog One Life, many Shots
Rameen Gasery can be found at his website
John Can be found on Instagram @rottenronin

Thank you for reading!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Instagram & Instacanvas = Instagood

I have been playing with instagram for about a month now, and just recently discovered Instacanvas. Instacanvas connects to your instagram account and allows people to purchase your pictures on different size canvas as well as you can browse others peoples work on the computer which is much better then mobile device. Here some of my work that is available for sale! The price is set by them and its the same across the board for all. There is really not much else to say about it, except please go ahead and check out my prints available for sale at