Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer on the Streets of New York

It almost 90% degrees out and the humidity is about the same, welcome to New York City summers. The city comes alive during the summer with so many interesting people, not to say that city is ever boring, or other seasons are not fun, but summer is just more cheerful and photo opportunities triple. Do you have a favorite season for photography?, let me know by leaving a comment below.

Few other things worth mentioning:
1.  The deadline for photo submission to plus one magazine is May 31st. For more information about the magazine and how to submit, please read this Google plus post.
2. I came across an interesting kickstarter project called photoville, please take a look.
3. If you have not heard or seen Humans of New York, i highly suggest you take a look.
4. Google + One Year Anniversary Photowalk is approaching, click here for more info and to find information for your city/location

Thank you for reading

Monday, May 21, 2012

Seinfeld Episode or Street Photography

As i was taking picture's on my way home from work on Friday night i was thinking about street photography and how many photographers concentrate on taking a street portrait vs an actual street photograph. Warning this is purely my opinion it is neither right or wrong just what i think, which i hope was reflected by the humor of today's title :)
Many street photographers concentrate on taking a portrait shot on the street, yes it takes some "brass" to come and ask can i take your picture, but to me it somewhat looses the element of the street as all you see in the picture is that person, the picture itself looses the story. Step back show some buildings, show more people, give the picture some life, so the reader/audience can see something else except a strangers face. I guess to me there are really 2 genres, street photography and street portraits.

Thank you for reading, all comments are always welcome :)

Monday, May 14, 2012


Instagram has been a hot topic recently, i have read a number of blog posts about it:
Example2: Wired, Why Instagram is terrible for photographers and why you should use it.
Here is actually a nice proof how instagram may work for photography, click here to read the story

After reading all of them, i decided to give it a try, while i do not agree with everything that was written by Eric, i do think Instagram has potential and is fun little app. I will give it a try, to see what will come of it. Here is a picture i took with it.

Do you use Instagram? What do you think about it? Please let me know in the comments and as always thank you for reading.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Fallen Riders

This post is slightly off my usual photography nature, but i hope you like it none the less.
Today(5/6/2012) was a special day, "First Annual Ride In Memory of Eddie.T". The Ride was organized by 2 clubs, Bikers of Brooklyn and BRATVA, all the proceeds from the Ride went to Eddies family. It was very dear to my heart to see all this people come out and show their support, the only way this day could be better if Eddie was with us, instead of watching over us. His family was there and i know they appreciated everything that was and is being done. It was a difficult day for many, but we pulled though it as one big family that supports each other. Talking about support, it has been  nothing short of amazing.

On the side note there were so many photographers there today, It must have been some organized photo-walk, if it was i hope the word will spread and more people will attend next year. The ride is not only in the memory of our fallen, brother and friend, but also to raise awareness that people should be tested after certain age, if they should continue to drive. Please Click on the link and sign this petition!

Once again i want to thank on behalf of myself and his family, all the clubs and people who came out to show their support, words can not describe how much it means.
Thank you all for reading and your continued support.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Another Magazine

Good news my subway series have been published by Dodho Magazine, you can take a look at the article here. This is my 3rd publishing, kind of a big deal for me. I appreciate all the support i have received so far.
I have submitted my work to a few more places, so stay tuned for more.

Some other news to share I have been trying a slightly different approach to street shooting with a wider lens instead of my 45mm, and slowly getting a hang of it, I can't say I like one better then the other, but it is something different and does produce different results, but I let you be the judge, so please leave me a comment let me know what you think of the following pictures

Thank you all for reading