Thursday, February 7, 2013

Geek in Me

Today we going to talk about something other then photography, but yes there will be some pictures.

In the past few years computing has shift gears dramatically to everything being mobile, cloud and now we also have wearable computing.

I attended a meetup today that was held at Pivotal Labs with +Eric Migicovsky who is a co-founder of +Pebble A big thank you to the people who made this possible. Pebble is watch that connects to your iPhone or Droid via Bluetooth and becomes and extension of it. For more details please visit their home page. I participated in the kickstarter campaign for it and now eagerly waiting for mine.

+Eric Migicovsky and his team have a lot on their plate at the moment, but it is great to be able to meet him and to be able to play with a new gadget. The production of the watch is in full swing and now they need to shift gears to expand the company and address some customers concerns in more timely manner. From reading the Facebook and twitter it seems they just don't have enough people to deal with all the emails and posts, but be patient they are going through growing pains. Being in support myself it is all about managing expectations of  your clients and they will get their shortly. 
Is that a red Pebble on his hand :)

And now a small photography plug :) the event was held around union sq, which is always a great place to take some pictures, so here is one I managed to grab before the event started. Manhattan at night, with all its lights is a beautiful place.