About Me

I loved photography as a child, my grandfather showed me how to measure the light, the F stops and all the basics, when i was around 6 years old. I used to have my own dark room and develop my own pictures. As a teenager i had other interests and forgot about photography. Fast forward into mid 20's i started getting back into it with the first/second generation of digital cameras, but picture quality was so bad, that i missed my film camera more and more but never went back to it, so i skipped again a few years until DSLR became of age. My first DSLR, Nikon D50 i loved that camera, i later upgraded that to D90, but i have noticed that due to its size i did not want to bring it with me and as a result of that after a few more year i ended up with micro four thirds system i can bring it everywhere, so here we are i am back to the world of photography. With this blog i would like to share the things as i view them via my camera. The blog is mostly about street photography, but not 100%, there will be other photos and topics published here from time to time.

Thank you all in advance for visiting, please feel free to leave a comment!