Thursday, October 25, 2012

October Update

Plus One Magazine is now on Sale :
My Picture is on Page 36, all proceed from the Magazine will go to Kilgoris Project. Please take a look.

Today I had a change to attend PhotoPlus Expo. It was an interesting gathering of people, with some nice demo's of software and products, but nothing you would not be able to find on the internet, not sure i will attend next year, may be once every 2 years is good unless you want to go play with a new camera.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Plus One Magazine

Plus One Magazine First Issue is out, I helped with some work that went into making this magazine happen. 
All proceeds from the sale of the magazine will benefit children in Kenya and the school built for them by the Kilgoris Project. Not only I helped worked on the magazine which was a pleasure in itself as this was for a good cause, but one of my pictures was also selected to be in the magazine. Initial release of the magazine is Limited Edition that will also come with a fine art print, then towards the end of October digital download and regular magazine will be available. Very excited about this and very happy to be a part of it.