Monday, November 26, 2012

Year End Approaching

I took a little break from writing, partially due to Hurricane Sandy, but lets get back on that horse :)
Since my last entry I have switched my camera from Panasonic G3 to Olympus E-PL5 and I could not be happier. Picture quality from this camera is great.

Another quick update worth mentioning, I participated in the Profoti 2nd Annual Color of Gold competition and one of my pictures was selected as Merit Winner.

One more exciting news, I should be receiving my Press ID from Camerapixo shortly, which should allow me to do some more reports like  the ones you seen on this blog about Apple iPad and iPhone. If you are a street photographer or trying to do some freelance journalism this a great way to start, please take a look at their website for more information. The team at Camerapixo is great and always available to answer any questions.

Thank you for Reading and if you are interested in any of the pictures you see on this blog, please visit my website