Thursday, April 26, 2012

Late Afternoon NYC

Manhattan during lunch hours is fun to photograph, so many interesting people going about their business.
Some are meeting friends and some are just busy reading their emails or Facebook. The City is full of life if only you stop for a minute to observe it.In recent years there has been a big change from people reading a book at lunch time to people checking their smart phones, which makes it for fun photography no one is paying attention. Most people are to busy with their own things to notice anything else outside of what they doing, like to see that someone is taking a picture of them :).
Today instead of walking around looking for that perfect shot, i just sat outside enjoying my lunch and let the photos come to me.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Some Days i  go out to take pictures and it just do not seems to work, don't know what it is i will take plenty of pictures but i get home and see they just don't work so i delete them all. and then there are days that i may only take 2-3 shots and they all seem to be perfect. There are also days where i walk around and i don't see anything that i even want to take a picture of, nothing speaks to me.

With street photography everyday is different just because it is not working for you one day you should not get discouraged, tomorrow is another day you never know what you may see. That's the beauty of street photography in the morning you have people rushing to work, in the evening you have people going home, there is always something to take a picture of. Some days our eyes and minds are just more open.

Thank you for reading and enjoy the pictures.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

6 Degrees of Separation or Small World

Interesting day today. Back in  March i did a report about new iPad launch event. The report was published by camerapixo and you can see it here  and in my earlier blog post. I also posted this report to my 500px profile and today someone from 500px community recognized a few people on that report, i believe they were his friends.

Both of his friends registered with 500px and then proceeded to comment on the story saying it was them and also contacting me on twitter. This was pretty exciting for them to be published and for me to have that reach, but this just shows we live in the small world no matter how large it seems. 
I hope to capture more stories like that in the future, so stay tuned :) and thank you for reading!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Color VS. Black and White Part 2

Today was a perfect spring day, the temperatures hit over 80 degrees and with temperatures like that i had to go and take some pictures. As i was processing them later at night i could not help myself, but notice how much nicer they look in color instead of black and white.

I typically prefer b/w photos as it shows the subject better without  distracting the viewer by all the color, but today i guess due to weather color just worked better. The picture below just would not work in B/W.

But one picture does work better in black and white, please let me know if you agree?

As always thank you for reading and all the comments

Thursday, April 12, 2012

State of Affairs

Good Day to all my readers!

First a little self promotion my pictures got published by Camerapixo, you can register on their website for free and look for me in the Issue 18, Page 165. You can also read it here. I am also in talks with another online magazine about possibly publishing some of my subway series pictures.
So what's next, last few weeks have been rough due to the loss of my friend, you can read all about it in my march blog entry, but what is great is how many people came together to help. A big Thank you goes out to all those people, you know who you are. How is any of this related to photography, well photography is helping me to deal with all of this, its relaxing and it helps to see the life around you. Other things worth mentioning new Google + interface is a nice step in the right direction I do think they need to utilize the white space better, but I still like the looks fresh. On the same note recent changed to 500px navigation and addition of statistics are awesome.

Well i think this is all i have for today, thank you for reading and if you want to help out a little click on one of those Google ads :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

New York Nature

In today's blog i would like to show you the other side of Manhattan, the side that most people do not see.

New York is known for being a big busy city, lots of cars and people, but it is so much more, it has beautiful nature to it. Central Park is an amazing place with beautiful landscapes. Look at the picture above.

In the spring time you can see flowers everywhere. 

Then there are some hidden gems like this fountain .

I hope you enjoyed This Blog Entry and New York City as well as I hope you enjoyed seeing a different side of New York and not just photos of busy streets.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Color VS. Black And White

This post is not about which one is better, each one serves its purpose, while many street photographers strictly use black and white, i think there is room for color. Take a look at the below picture, it works and works well in color. Before i got into street photography i always wondered why 95% of it is black and white, but as i started taking pictures and found my rhythm i realized it does not have to be, there is room for color. I guess to each its own right?
Now we take a look at the same picture in Black ans White and while it does work as well and adds that dramatic character, i don't think it works as well as the color above, but you tell me. Please post your opinion in comments, always happy to hear what others think. 

Thank you for reading and commenting, please remember to leave your opinion about the previous blog entry, i am still waiting for more input :)

Monday, April 2, 2012

What do you See?

It is a bit harder to write today, due to the loss of my friend, you can read about it in the previous entry, too many thing happened this weekend, but we must go on, to honor him, he was full of life and never stopped for anyone or anything. I must do the same!

In today's blog we going to enlist you readers to tell me what you see in this picture?
The idea behind this is New  York is such diverse city that a picture like this can tell so much, that it makes me wonder what other people see, and hear the other side of the story. The best title and description will be used to post the above photo to my portfolio on with a credit to you for title and description.

Here is what i see and how i would title it.
Title: The Power of 3
Description: 3 people, 3 stories, 3 Typical New Yorkers.

So go ahead leave me a comment with your opinion and vision, lets have a discussion.