Sunday, March 10, 2013

Pebble Review & Thoughts

This will be a follow up on my previous post where I wrote about meeting +Eric Migicovsky who is one of the founders of +Pebble smart watch. My quick thoughts on the watch, enjoy :)
I finally have the watch in my hands for almost 4 days now, let's start right of the bet on the battery it is still holding charge, but the indicator of low battery is on now and I probably have until about morning before I need to charge it. I received the watch on Thursday afternoon, charged it and now its Sunday night, hopefully this give you an idea of the battery life. The battery on my iPhone also suffered a bit. Moving on to the actual functionality of the watch, well it is not perfect and still has a way to go, but with that being said, I still love it, I love the convenience of knowing who is calling or what email I received without having to constantly look at my phone. Yes the device has some bugs, but I know the team at +Pebble is working hard on fixing them. If i had to give this watch a grade i think it deserves a solid B+ as the potential is there and it is being worked and improved on weekly.
Here is my wishlist: more watch faces, weather, improved battery life, maybe some canned responses to text messages.

This report has been brought to you from the Big Apple, from hopefully its last snow storm for this winter :)

Thank you for reading!