Thursday, June 7, 2012

Photowalk with Iesha & John

Back Story, Iesha found me via my blog and contacted me saying she will be on vacation in NY this week and asked if i had some time for a photowalk. I was happy to make some time, I always enjoy meeting new people who are like minded and love photography, we met today in midtown and took a train to Union Square. There are always plenty of weird and fun people and  things to shoot in that area. 
We walked around the area for about an hour as we were waiting for one more person to join us. 
Here is a picture of Iesha.
John sent us a text at around 5pm and we went back to Union Square to meet with him and continue our photowalk. We took Broadway down toward China Town, talking and doing some shooting on the way. During our walk we run into another photographer his name is Rameen, he was showing his work, lots of great jazz picture and a few others, i will provide a link to his work later.
Once we got to China Town I had to take the train home as it was getting late, and i needed to go home so i can spend some time with my kids and family. This was a fun afternoon walking around New York, meeting new people and photographing New York City and its people.

Iesha can be found on her blog One Life, many Shots
Rameen Gasery can be found at his website
John Can be found on Instagram @rottenronin

Thank you for reading!