Sunday, May 6, 2012

Fallen Riders

This post is slightly off my usual photography nature, but i hope you like it none the less.
Today(5/6/2012) was a special day, "First Annual Ride In Memory of Eddie.T". The Ride was organized by 2 clubs, Bikers of Brooklyn and BRATVA, all the proceeds from the Ride went to Eddies family. It was very dear to my heart to see all this people come out and show their support, the only way this day could be better if Eddie was with us, instead of watching over us. His family was there and i know they appreciated everything that was and is being done. It was a difficult day for many, but we pulled though it as one big family that supports each other. Talking about support, it has been  nothing short of amazing.

On the side note there were so many photographers there today, It must have been some organized photo-walk, if it was i hope the word will spread and more people will attend next year. The ride is not only in the memory of our fallen, brother and friend, but also to raise awareness that people should be tested after certain age, if they should continue to drive. Please Click on the link and sign this petition!

Once again i want to thank on behalf of myself and his family, all the clubs and people who came out to show their support, words can not describe how much it means.
Thank you all for reading and your continued support.