Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer on the Streets of New York

It almost 90% degrees out and the humidity is about the same, welcome to New York City summers. The city comes alive during the summer with so many interesting people, not to say that city is ever boring, or other seasons are not fun, but summer is just more cheerful and photo opportunities triple. Do you have a favorite season for photography?, let me know by leaving a comment below.

Few other things worth mentioning:
1.  The deadline for photo submission to plus one magazine is May 31st. For more information about the magazine and how to submit, please read this Google plus post.
2. I came across an interesting kickstarter project called photoville, please take a look.
3. If you have not heard or seen Humans of New York, i highly suggest you take a look.
4. Google + One Year Anniversary Photowalk is approaching, click here for more info and to find information for your city/location

Thank you for reading