Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Photowalk with Trey

I was part of Trey Ratcliff New York PhotoWalk a rare opportunity, first to meet him and second to go on the PhotoWalk with him. While I personally do not do any HDR work or much landscape photography, I do however follow Trey. What I like about Trey is how open he is about sharing online and not being worried about people stealing his pictures, please check out his site and blog at
There were supposed to be over 200 people on this PhotoWalk, I don't know if we actually reached or exceeded this number, but there was a lot of us. (Can you see Trey?)
We walked from Broadway & Cortland, down to the Battery Park, stopping at different places to take some pictures, imaging 200 photographers walking down the street LOL, that could be a start to a good joke :) Once in Battery park we waited for the sunset to take some pictures of it, so I decide to try my hand at HDR. This is my first attempt and it was educational.
All in all it was time well spent and I enjoyed the walk and people. Talking about people here are some shot of the photographers at the walk.

Thank you for reading!