Monday, May 21, 2012

Seinfeld Episode or Street Photography

As i was taking picture's on my way home from work on Friday night i was thinking about street photography and how many photographers concentrate on taking a street portrait vs an actual street photograph. Warning this is purely my opinion it is neither right or wrong just what i think, which i hope was reflected by the humor of today's title :)
Many street photographers concentrate on taking a portrait shot on the street, yes it takes some "brass" to come and ask can i take your picture, but to me it somewhat looses the element of the street as all you see in the picture is that person, the picture itself looses the story. Step back show some buildings, show more people, give the picture some life, so the reader/audience can see something else except a strangers face. I guess to me there are really 2 genres, street photography and street portraits.

Thank you for reading, all comments are always welcome :)