Thursday, April 19, 2012


Some Days i  go out to take pictures and it just do not seems to work, don't know what it is i will take plenty of pictures but i get home and see they just don't work so i delete them all. and then there are days that i may only take 2-3 shots and they all seem to be perfect. There are also days where i walk around and i don't see anything that i even want to take a picture of, nothing speaks to me.

With street photography everyday is different just because it is not working for you one day you should not get discouraged, tomorrow is another day you never know what you may see. That's the beauty of street photography in the morning you have people rushing to work, in the evening you have people going home, there is always something to take a picture of. Some days our eyes and minds are just more open.

Thank you for reading and enjoy the pictures.