Thursday, April 5, 2012

Color VS. Black And White

This post is not about which one is better, each one serves its purpose, while many street photographers strictly use black and white, i think there is room for color. Take a look at the below picture, it works and works well in color. Before i got into street photography i always wondered why 95% of it is black and white, but as i started taking pictures and found my rhythm i realized it does not have to be, there is room for color. I guess to each its own right?
Now we take a look at the same picture in Black ans White and while it does work as well and adds that dramatic character, i don't think it works as well as the color above, but you tell me. Please post your opinion in comments, always happy to hear what others think. 

Thank you for reading and commenting, please remember to leave your opinion about the previous blog entry, i am still waiting for more input :)