Monday, April 2, 2012

What do you See?

It is a bit harder to write today, due to the loss of my friend, you can read about it in the previous entry, too many thing happened this weekend, but we must go on, to honor him, he was full of life and never stopped for anyone or anything. I must do the same!

In today's blog we going to enlist you readers to tell me what you see in this picture?
The idea behind this is New  York is such diverse city that a picture like this can tell so much, that it makes me wonder what other people see, and hear the other side of the story. The best title and description will be used to post the above photo to my portfolio on with a credit to you for title and description.

Here is what i see and how i would title it.
Title: The Power of 3
Description: 3 people, 3 stories, 3 Typical New Yorkers.

So go ahead leave me a comment with your opinion and vision, lets have a discussion.