Monday, March 26, 2012

Apple's New iPad

Apple's New Ipad or Complete Insanity

Few Days ago i started my day by waking up early so i can attend the insanity called Apple Lunching new iPad. I actually started this photo-shoot with a picture from the day before of people camping in the front of the store.

Upon Arrival i was amazed by the line that was 1 city block long and then a zig-zag in front of the store, there were tourists, locals, business people and even some military personnel. It amazing how in this economy so many people can afford $500+ device. At 8am the bells went off almost like a stock market and the store opened it doors, with employees clapping and cheering the first people in line, there were high fives going around, the crowd were screaming it was simply amazing and not in the good kind of way. As soon as you walked down the stairs into the store you were greeted by more clapping employees. I think there were less excitment when i attended my brothers homecoming after his navy ship was deployed. Fast forward a few minutes and the people who were first inline starting coming out with their iPads in hand, to be attacked by media and reporters wanting to interview them.
When did we become a nation that cares more about new electornic toy then whats going in the rest of the world. Please don't get me wrong i love a new toy as much as a next person and being an IT geek myself i probably have more toys then others, but i would never stay in line or go camping for it.