Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Thoughts On Street Photography

Street photography can mean so many things its an expression of the photographers vision on the society. Some street photographers like to get personal and actually ask permission to take the photo or they take the photo and then deal with people being angry as to why the photo was taken.
Myself i prefer to stay hidden i believe candid shots where people are going about their lives is a true expression, it conveys a message about what is going on around us at any given point. But as always there is no right or wrong way to do a street photography, it just about capturing a moment, an expression of something that you see. Some street photographers like to take portraits of people, while i do like some of them i also think it looses some of message you trying to convey about the street, as there is nothing else in the picture.
Each one of us has a different vision and different approach on how to take a picture. 500px is a perfect example of that, you can post a picture and it will be liked or not liked, that should not discourage you, just because someone did not like your picture does not mean its a bad shot, it just means that person does not share the same vision as you.