Thursday, March 29, 2012

Networking, Camerapixo and Random Thoughts

Networking on the photo-sharing sites like 500px or flickr or any other, is more important then getting high rating on your photo. Because of the networking and communicating with others i have met People like John Frenzel(check his blog), because of John i got introduced to Camerapixo who is run by a wonderful team of Artur and Anetta Heller. Some of my pictures will be published in the next issue of their magazine, which without networking with others would not be possible. Few things about Camerapixo It is a great online magazine that produces eBooks with different themes and photographers, they work with many pro's and amateurs, please visit their website and take a look you will enjoy what you see. They are also the same people who published my iPad story, if you haven't read it yet take a look it is posted earlier in my blog(link)

I also meet another wonderful photographer  his name is Gene Lowinger who runs a great blog, please take a look.
Continue taking pictures and sharing them with the world, don't worry so much about the rating of your pictures while it sucks to have a low rating that does not mean your picture is bad, the more people you know the more people will know your photography, also keep an eye on sites like Pinterest(if you want an invite please let me know) it may become a very big thing and great for sharing a find things and photos.

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