Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Thoughts on Photography

Photography VS. Taking pictures, while it may sound the same it is not, there is a lot of people now days with big fancy DSLR cameras thinking they are photographers, just because someone learned the proper camera settings does not make them a photographer.

Photography is not about the equipment that you use, but about a simple fact of taking a picture that makes others think, it creates an effect, makes people stop and look. Lately too many people concentrate on the proper setting on the camera, or what it is capable of and upgrading every time a new one comes out. Just the other day i had a discussion with my brother in law, when we were going over my new G3 camera and the first thing he did is ask can the camera do manual setting, how can you control shutter speed how can you measure the light, essentially comparing it to his Full Frame Canon, while the answer was yes In my eyes he missed the point of why i got the camera. It is not about if its better or worse then FF, its about that I can take it with me and capture the moments instead of missing them. To me its not about setting or having the latest highest mega-pixel camera; my camera is set to Aperture priority at all times, because it works for me, i go with my got feeling of what the ISO should be or the F. stop and that works. A good friend of mine(Greg Khitrov) who is a wedding photographer published a book called Fusion Style photography(you can look it up on and the book talks about not worrying so much about the studio setup and the tripods and just be out there taking pictures, have fun with it.

The point of my rambling here is I myself guilty of wanting a better equipment instead of just being out there and taking pictures, which is what i am doing now with my new camera. Go take pictures, have fun with it, we all see different thing as we look at the world and our interpretation of things via photography is what makes it fun.