Friday, March 30, 2012

Extra, Extra Read all about it

Today was a  regular day, i took some street photos to process at the later time, i got home spend some time with the kids, had dinner, walked the dog, all routine things. 11pm The phone rings, its never a good when the phone rings at night, its my best friends wife, he was in accident and he is in the hospital. OK  i get dressed and take off to go there and then my world gets turned upside down, when i get to the hospital i am meet by the cop and the doctor telling me i am sorry and shaking my hand. MY friend of 20 years is gone just like that. Earlier today i spend probably about 3 hours talking to him about all kinds of things the longest we spoke in the long time. The hospital was rough between his family and so on, i tried to stay strong and not show any emotion at least there, did not know how to deal with it any other way at the moment. Fast forward i am home writing this, because i cant sleep, i cant do anything i am sick to my stomach and i need to talk this out as i am drinking a bottle of scotch. So what now, whats next i don't know everything has changed. The best thing about life, is life its that simple, nothing else matters! The tears are running down as i am writing this and my thoughts are all over the place. He will be remembered, life goes on. There is so much more on my mind but i just cant get it together at the moments, so i leave you with this pictures as a memory